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VERTS is a dynamic business software company providing ERP Software Solutions across different industry VERTicalS. VERTS incepted with an aim to make technology easy and affordable for small and medium businesses (SMBs) in order to streamline their business processes for accelerated growth. At VERTS we don’t sell technology, we partner with companies to deliver solutions, efficiency and growth.

Whether a start-up, Small or medium size business (SMB), every business goes through different stages of business life cycle and at each stage the challenges and complexities of the business drive fundamental thinking about the business applications required to run the business.

  • Manage information distributed in various software, excels and databases in their day-to-day operation.

  • Integrate different functional departments ( Sales, HR, Finance, Project)

  • Integrate information across different tools

  • Automate processes and generate various reports and understand real time scenario of the organization

  • Do strategic planning

Companies end up wasting their resources on these overheads rather than focus on their core business activities. These are not only obstacles in taking technology decisions, but also big roadblock for their growth.

Small and Medium Businesses cannot afford time, big cost, the uncertainty and the resources that are required for the implementation of business applications. Then there are series of challenges that they face at each stage from decision to implementation like some systems are difficult to implement, some costly to maintain, some for being too generic and inflexible.

Our ERP Solutions and ERP Services are designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by SMEs

  • Cost effective as there is no hefty Cost of License

  • Easy to use by the existing staff, minimal system training required

  • Easy to customize

  • Easy to understand and integrate

  • Less implementation time

  • Scalable

  • Low dependence

Our broad range of ERP software solutions includes: