NGO Management

India's first software to manage NGO

Challenges of NGOs are different than the regular companies so the focus of the application should also be different.  One side they have to reach to the maximum number of donors & Volunteers, other side they have to ensure that their operation is run in transparent manner.  NGOs has to get best out of every penny by choosing best vendor & best available price. Moreover they have to run many programs in parallel or same program in multiple locations.  Further they have to have numerous ad-hoc events & fund raiser events to get more donation.  All this can not be served by simple CRM package. Our ERP overcome all these challenges and provide feature rich application to your organization.

Donation Management

Manage complete donation process using our ERP to get end to end visibility

Purchase Management

Get best out of every penny by managing Vendors & using industry standard purchase processes

Meetings & Calendars

Lineup meetings with the prospective donors, volunteers or other activities.

Prospective Donor List

Reach out to your prospective donors, align meetings, assign tasks to the concerned user

Donor Management

Involve Donors in your NGOs activities, update him in various programs, gain confidence to get more charity

Volunteer Management

Create pool of Volunteers associated with your NGO. Involve them in various Charity programs, ad-hoc events, fundraisers etc.

Multiple Charity Programs

You can better manage your resources by running multiple parallel programs. Increase reach & efficiency

Ad-hoc Events & Fund Raiser

Plan & execute multiple ad-hoc events & fund raiser events. Invite donors, volunteers, elite guests

Project & Task Management

Divide all of your activities in multiple projects & tasks. Assign the activities to a resource, track progress, plan in advance the future course of action.

Give more back to the Society

Reduce your overhead, get more out of the volunteers, meet donor's expectation

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