Education Processes Simplified

Handle end to end student lifecycle processes with our Education ERP

Educational institutions worldwide are undergoing fundamental shifts in how they operate and interact with their "customers"-students, alumni, staff members, and corporations.  To compete successfully, they must therefore
adopt best practices to enable them to consistently interact with their diverse stakeholders in a highly personalized manner. At every touch-point across the student lifecycle,  their staff must understand who they're talking to, what that person's current state of affairs is, and how to best satisfy the need that is being expressed. Only through such empowered interactions can institutions deliver the kind of differentiated experience required to attract applicants,  retain active students,  attract corporations for placement and maintain quality relationships with alumni.

Our  SRM  Model  (student relationship management), a cost-effective solution,  enables the inquiry,  placement, and alumni team to be more efficient and provide visibility across the team's efforts.

Modules that manage different touchpoints of the student lifecycle are

Enquiry  - Help institute design recruitment and marketing campaigns to attract new students and have a  customized communication with prospective students. Also, help them assess campaign effectiveness by calculating ROI from different campaigns that they run

Enrollment - Maintain all academic data and student-related pro­cesses in one central access point, Handle all student and operational related processes like fees, mark sheet, teachers

Placement - Attract new corporations for campus placements  and run vertical-specific  customized  campaigns  to  attract
 corporations and increase visibility in the corporate world

Alumni - Connect with Alumni through personalized emails to promote alumni programs that can generate contributions and participation.  Target the right alumni for the right opportunity and promote continuing education programs by identifying those who are likely to have high levels of interest in executive-level courses.