B2B CRM and Lead Management Software for Small and Medium B2B and Professional Companies to manage their end-to-end sales process

Contact Management, Lead Management, Opportunities Management, Client Management,  Activity Management, and CRM Mobile App

Odoo CRM Software for Small and Medium Businesses

B2B CRM Software for Small and Medium Businesses 

The traditional ways of managing B2B sales processes like spreadsheets or email system is not the right B2B CRM Management strategy to acquire, retain and grow the customer base. B2B business goes through different stages of its lifecycle. With the best products and services, B2B business is rapidly growing and looks forward to capturing the potential market. When B2B companies start small it is easier to manage every customer-facing process like Contact information, Activity, Campaign, Communication, Leads, and Opportunities in an Excel sheet. But as you grow, your sales team size increases. With that increase in the customer base, the follow-up on activities and timely communication becomes key for closure which is a huge bottleneck when a company manages its customer-facing processes on an Excel sheet. 

Result: Lost leads, unhappy prospective Customers and Clients, no accountability, time and money wastage 

Some might think using Excel spreadsheets or Outlook is just fine to help run their sales and marketing operations, but they are not aware of the business they are leaving on the table by not automating the sales processes.

For B2B CRM Software to achieve its full benefit, it is important to understand that every organization is different with its unique sales process. B2B CRM software needs to be customized as per the processes.

The B2B sales process should be aligned with the target market/vertical, what activities are required to move the prospect through the pipeline, and how B2B companies can systematically manage the process with the help of CRM software. We understand processes and accordingly suggest the best solution customized to requirements. 

B2B CRM and Lead Management Software- Features

B2B Contact Management System
Maintain all contact information in a single view - contact details, Phone, Address, Status, etc.

B2B Activity Management System

Schedule activities based on your sales scripts: calls, meetings, mailing, and quotations

B2B Lead Management System
A systematic process to seamlessly convert prospects into leads, managing leads with timely communication, proposals, demos, and other activities till the closure of the lead

B2B Opportunity Management System
Manage all opportunities in a single place, and get accurate forecasts. Get all the information you need, directly on the opportunities: website pages viewed, mail received, etc.

B2B Sales Management System

Easy to review performances & next activities. Use actionable data to make better decisions.

B2B CRM Software Management - Benefits

Oversee all interactions between prospective customers, leads, and sales teams.

Increase productivity, improve quality, easy accounting than ever before

The salesperson can manage their sales orders, have a clear view of their progress, and make sure they meet their monthly targets.

Huge time and cost reduction 

Keep all the information about leads, opportunities, and customers in a single place. Easily available on-the-go