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ERP Software for eCommerce businesses  has become very important as more people are getting into buying things online. Still, at the same time, eCommerce/D2C eCommerce companies are  under a lot of pressure to manage their end-to-end eCommerce business processes (orders placed, selected, packed, dispatched) efficiently and cost-effectively.

We help eCommerce/D2C companies build complete eCommerce processes right from developing an eCommerce platform using Odoo, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, and Woocommerce based on the type and requirement of your business, ERP Integrated back-end processes, helping e-commerce companies integrate their online store with the third-party applications easily, support to integrate eCommerce platform with ERP through integrators and build mobile and web applications for the online store.

Why ERP Software for your eCommerce Businesses?

Do you have an eCommerce website that sells products to multiple countries or within a country? You might be facing day-to-day challenges such as:

  • Reconciliation & Audit Issues

  • Maintaining online single or multiple portals Having several thousands of SKUs (products)

  • Using other online retailers as well like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Firstcry, hopscotch, etc 

  • Dealing with multiple Excel sheets and getting a cumbersome number of orders 

  • Complex courier selection criteria and their pricing matrix

  • No systematic Warehouse Management System

  • Inventory loss

  • Lack of proper Shipment Tracking

  • No integration with other departments such as Accounting, Sales, Marketing, and HR.

  • No real-time updates

Solution -ERP-integrated eCommerce Software Solution

VERTS eCommerce ERP gives a complete end-to-end solution for managing eCommerce websites. It is a single system to integrate back and front-end e-commerce business processes and help e-commerce websites spend more time on innovation and strategy. ERP software for eCommerce websites/ online retailers is completely synchronized with back-office operations like Finance, Accounting, Marketing, HR, and Sales.

Our Software for eCommerce provides modules to synchronize automatically with all the best open-source eCommerce platforms like Magento eCommerce, OSCommerce, and Joomla. It allows eCommerce companies to streamline and automate the sales process, from the online order to the delivery and the invoicing, including inventory management.

Have a wonderful running eCommerce website, but backend processes are not integrated?

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Benefits - ERP Integrated eCommerce Software

Full Integration

eCommerce users can order on the website, orders are automatically imported into the eCommerce ERP system

Integrated with most popular eCommerce or builtin existing module

Sales Management

Streamline your sales process, from the website to the delivery

Integration with Inventory for fulfilling the orders.

Effective Inventory Management

Optimize Inventory Management by automated replenishment rules. 

Adequate stock visibility and special customer price computations


Take benefit of marketing campaigns and CRM integration to increase your sales

Case Studies

Odoo ERP Solution for eCommerce Company

India’s largest Online store for Bicycles and E-Bicycles with the broadest range of Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bicycles, Road Bicycles, Fat  Bikes and Children's Cycles. The client had to maintain inventory in Excel. Data Migration was a challenging task, Importing Customer details and Products with multiple variants/attributes. The invoice was in Excel and offline. Emails were sent manually to each customer

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Magento- Odoo Integration for eCommerce Company

The client is one of the leading online Tennis product sellers in India. The client has an online portal developed in Magento with a huge product line of a few thousand products from multiple brands.  They needed to integrate the Magento-based eCommerce portal with Odoo

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