Comprehensive ERP Integrated eCommerce Software Solution for the Marketplaces, D2C companies, and resellers

ERP Software for eCommerce businesses has become very important as more people are getting into buying things online, but at the same time eCommerce/D2C eCommerce companies are  under a lot of pressure to manage their end-to-end eCommerce business processes (order placed, selected, packed, dispatched) efficiently and most importantly cost-effectively.

eCommerce/D2C eCommerce companies end up with disparate software for different processes, and spend a lot of time in aligning these systems, and doing administrative and routine maintenance tasks.

One of the biggest mistakes eCommerce/D2C eCommerce companies make is not to consider the implications of their back-end processes. Companies fail to realize how important an eCommerce platform integrated with an ERP system is until it’s too late.

Solution -ERP integrated eCommerce software solution

VERTS Cloud eCommerce ERP gives a complete end-to-end solution for managing eCommerce websites. It is a single system to integrate back and front end eCommerce business processes and help Ecommerce websites spend more time on innovation and strategy. ERP software for eCommerce websites/ online retailers is completely synchronized with back-office operations like Finance, Accounting, Marketing, HR, and Sales.

Our Software for eCommerce provides modules to synchronize automatically with all the best open-source eCommerce platforms like Magento eCommerce, OSCommerce, Joomla. It allows eCommerce companies to streamline and automate the sales process, from the online order to the delivery and the invoicing, including inventory management.

Why ERP for eCommerce?

You have an eCommerce website, and you sell products to multi countries or within a country. You might be facing day to day challenges such as:

  • Reconciliation & Audit Issues

  • Maintaining online single or multiple portals Having several thousands of SKUs (products)

  • Using other online retailers as well such as Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Firstcry, hopscotch, etc 

  • Dealing with multiple excel sheets and getting a cumbersome number of orders 

  • Complex courier selection criteria and their pricing matrix

  • No systematic Warehouse Management System

  • Inventory loss

  • Lack of proper Shipment Tracking

  • No integration with other departments such as Accounting, Sales, Marketing, and HR.

  • No real-time updates

Have a wonderful running eCommerce website but backend processes are not integrated?

We have integrated multiple websites with ERP, contact us to know how we can help you.








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Benefits - ERP Integrated eCommerce Software

Full Integration

eCommerce users can order on the website, orders are automatically imported in eCommerce ERP system

Integrated with most popular eCommerce or builtin existing module

Sales Management

Streamline your sales process, from the website to the delivery

Integration with Inventory for fulfilling the orders.

Effective Inventory Management

Optimize Inventory Management by automated replenishment rules. 

Effective stock visibility and customer special prices computations


Take benefit of marketing campaigns and CRM integration to increase your sales