Odoo ERP Implementation for an ecommerce company



India’s largest Online store for Bicycles and E-Bicycles with the broadest range of Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bicycles, Road Bicycles, Fat  Bikes and Children's Cycles


They were facing challenges with maintaining their inventory in excel and manually managing customer details, product variants, and invoicing. They also needed to import customer details and products with multiple variants and attributes, and emails were sent manually to each customer.


To address these challenges, our team implemented an XML-RPC integration with the client's e-commerce website. This allowed for syncing of products created on the website with Odoo by means of the SKU number. Customer account registration details were also synced from the website to Odoo through a custom API. Additionally, auto-lead generation in Odoo was set up from the website if a customer added any product to their cart for future purchases.

The system also enabled sales order generation, invoicing, and delivery orders to be maintained in Odoo through API execution. Inventory was maintained in Odoo based on the delivery status and automated emails were sent to respective departments with payment status. Connectivity between Odoo and the PAYU website was also established to generate a transaction ID, which was attached to the sales order once the customer made a payment.

In addition to these features, live chat support was integrated with the website, with multiple channels adapted to different languages and agents assigned to each channel to divide customer queries among employees. SMS and email notifications were also set up to inform customers of order confirmation and tracking status.

Result/Value Add

As a result of this integration, the client was able to automate their inventory management processes and improve the customer experience through streamlined data migration, automated lead generation, and real-time inventory updates. They were also able to improve their invoicing process and streamline their customer communication through automated email and SMS notifications.