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Managing Simple to Complex Manufacturing with ease

Cloud and On-Premise Manufacturing ERP

Easy to use ERP Software for Small and Medium Manufacturing Companies

  • Do you have easy and real-time access to information about your business across all the departments?

  • Is your accounting fully integrated with sales and warehouse management?

  • How many days do you spend preparing a business report for the last month or quarter?

  • Can you access the day-to-day report from each department daily?

  • Is your inventory integrated with customer and sales data?

  • You are a manufacturer?

  • Do you use excel sheets across different functions in your company or separate systems for different functions?

  • These systems can't communicate with each other to have an effective workflow within different departments, like production, procurement, warehouse, marketing, sales, accounting and finance, delivery, and after-sale service.

Solution -VERTS ERP Software for Small and Medium Manufacturing Companies

Control Cost and Streamline Manufacturing processes with our ready to use Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing companies in today's competitive environment spend a lot of time managing their diverse business functions rather than focusing on core business. Our Cloud/On-Premise-based Manufacturing ERP software streamlines business operations and distributes scattered information across all business sectors for the purpose of enhancing business workflow.

Manufacturing ERP software that can

  • Integrate different departments into one view

  • Can easily be accessible by employees

  • Give great workflow among departments

  • Support your strategic and operational planning

  • Avoid chaotic paperwork and wasting your time in locating the right information

The integrated way is  the best step forward; integrate disparate systems and information to overcome operational challenges seamlessly. Manufacturing companies can benefit from a fully integrated Manufacturing ERP  solution improving their customer orientation, overall organizational efficiency, customer service, reducing cost, and generating new revenue streams.

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We have unmatched experience in Implementing Small, Medium & large scale Manufacturing ERPs

Comprehensive & Feature Rich Manufacturing ERP Modules



Job work

Quality Control




HR & Payroll





Benefits - VERTS ERP Software for Manufacturing companies

Manage Supply Chain

Allows companies to manage the supply chain in a complete and accurate way

Multi-Level BOMs

Create multi-level bills of materials and their corresponding routing for assembling or manufacturing finished products.


A scheduler tool will deliver the planning and will launch all manufacturing orders and purchase orders when necessary

Supply Chain Efficiency

A control system will inform you in case of problems during the supply process. Analyze your supply chain efficiency thanks to a list of useful reports

Smooth ERP Implementation


Handholding & Training

Every implementation will have some teething pain during go live.  Given our strong experience, we know what kind of challenges clients face during the go-live. So, we ensure all of those angles are covered in the implementation, testing, & training,

We do complete handholding till the time client is not fully comfortable with the newly implemented ERP.

Continuous Support and Maintenance

Our support does not end with Go Live. Rather we extend our support for much longer.  We have clients where we are providing support for years.