UltroMove, an integrated all-in-one scalable Logistics Management Software System

For Courier,  Freight Forwarders,  Supply Chain, Warehouse, and Shipping Industries. 
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UltroMove, a Modular Based Integrated Logistics Management Software Solution

Logistics Management Solution  with integrated scalable solutions, easy to pick and choose based on the current state of your business requirement and processes. Some of the top challenges highlighted by our customers and industry experts in the Logistics Industry with a direct impact on their efficiency, productivity, cost and customer satisfaction are

  • Using Spreadsheets and Multiple Software with no Single Integrated view

  • Inconsistency in Tracking and Limited Visibility of Shipments

  • Lack of Mobile tech to avoid manual processing causing all the delays and potential for errors across logistics operations

What can help your Logistics business transform digitally and enable you to plan, control, and monitor different processes with greater ease on a single integrated platform, transforming processes to achieve higher efficiency and productivity while reducing costs?


UltroMove is an integrated all-in-one module-based scalable Logistics Management Software System. With UltroMove Logistics Management Solution, you can leverage the benefits of standardization designed based on best industry practices while having enough room for customizations for an improved overall experience. 

ULTROMOVE a logistics management software for Courier, Logistics, Shipping, Warehouse Industry
Integrated and Scalable Logistics Management Solutions

UltroMove Logistics Management Modules

Courier Management Solution

Courier ERP Management Solution

  • Industry-approved procedures - Bags and Manifests Creation 

  • Mobile Application for immediate update - End Customer, Delivery Boy, Local Head Office, etc.

  • Optimum Pick Up Run Sheet and Delivery Run Sheet generation

  • Advanced Technical Support through Efficient Tracking 

  • Inter Branch Operations Support with a Multi-Level/Single Level Approval Mechanism.

  • Protection against Package Loss or Wrong Delivery by multiple Smart checkpoints enabled in the whole Module

  • Strong Finance Support - COD collections and Bank Transfers. 

  • Multiple attempts at the same delivery

  • Advanced payment collection 

  • Advanced Documentation Handling System - First and Last Mile Operations.

  • Advanced Analytics - Business Intelligence Tools, Data Analysis through efficient Dashboarding and Reports

  • Integrated with Website/Customer Portal to collect order information.

Freight Forward Management Solution

  • Air/Sea/Road Transfers - Handle small to large shipments, Heavy Loads of Freight through any mode.

  • FCL/LCL Freight - Easy Handling of containers during the entire journey.

  • Stuffing Point Transfers

  • Advanced Technical Support through Efficient Tracking 

  • Easy to Use ERP Software which proceeds as packages progress in their journey from source to destination

  • Advanced Analytics - Business Intelligence Tools, Data Analysis through efficient Dashboarding and Reports

  • Covering Strong Legal Compliances - Air Way Bills, E-Way Bills, E-invoices, and Currency Conversion with local language translations.

  • Integrated with Website/Customer Portal to collect information. 

  • Advanced Quotations Handling Features, connect with hundreds of Vendors/CHAs in one go.

Freight Forward Management Solution
FTL and LTL solutions for Shipping, Courier, Logistics companies

Full and Less Truck Load

  • FTL/LTL Freight - Easy operations in Full Truck and Light Truck Loads.

  • Vehicle Allotment

  • Driver Assignment

  • Real-Time Integration with ERP enables - Automatic updation in the Orders


Fleet and Yard Management Software Solution

Fleet and Yard Management

  • Optimum Utilization of fleet of vehicles like Trucks, Bikes, Vans

  • Fuel Management and Workshop Support 

  • Easy tracking of Vehicle Repairs, Fuel Consumption, and Insurance Deadlines.
    Driver Allocation as per availability

  • Parking Zones, lanes & Bays

  • Easy Handling of Various Container Sizes- 10-40 Feet

  • Security Enabled - Gate Pass 

  • Container, Vehicle Details Stored

  • Fully Integrated with Other ERP Modules

Warehouse Solution Management

  • Scan Centre- For quick delivery of packages

  •   IN/OUT Procedures handling

  • Labellization and Palletization

  • Integrated to Magento/Shopify/Woo Commerce Inventory

  • Space Booking as per the Rental Mechanism

  • Bar Coding

  • Seal Numbers - Controlling Pilferage

  • Stuffing Support

  • Efficient Storage - Racks & Shelves

Warehouse Management Software Solution for Companies
Container Management Software Solution for Shipping and Logistics companies

Container Management

  • FCL/LCL Operations

  • Bulk Upload 

  • Tracking Through Container Number

  • Free Days Calculation

  • Document Handling for Custom Clearances

  • Retention Period Alerts

  • Custom Sizes-10/ 20/30/40 Feet

  • Stages of Container- Stuffed/Loaded/Unloaded/ Went on Repair/Delivered/ ETA

  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting

  • Gate IN/OUT 


eCommerce & 3PL Management Solution

  • Supports E-commerce Integration to all Sites

  • Ready Integrations with Shopify/WooCommerce/ Magento

  • Manage Inventory

  • Payments

  • Space Booking in the Warehouse

  • Integrated to all ERP Modules

eCommerce and 3PL Management Solution for Logistics Industry
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Customer Portal    

  • Ready Web/Mobile-Based User Interface

  • Enquiries or Order Placement 

  • Customer Information Gathering - Shipper Address, Weight of Goods, Consignee Address

  • Enables Tracking of Consignments & Goods 

  • Real-Time Updations as Goods move in their journey

  • Space Booking in the Warehouse 

  • Payment Gateways Enabled

  • Automatic  Notification Alert System - SMS/E-MAIL

  • Customer Service Facility - Chat, E-Mail

Finance & Accounting for Logistics

  • Integrated Finance and Accounting with Freight Forwarding Module. 

  • Assistance with Custom Clearances with Information Management.

  • The module is Law Compliant with various legal entities

  • Integrated with Country Specific Laws and E-Invoices

  • Advanced Reports and Alert Mechanism

  • Working on Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Calculation, Bank Transfers, and Currency Conversions made easy

Finance and Accounting for Logistics Companies

Courier Logistics Mobile App

HRMS, CRM, Purchase, Tracking, Magento Integration for Logistics 

Reasons to Choose UltroMove

Being part of the journey of the Logistics Industry for the past 10 years, we understand the typical situations coming in your day-to-day business operations.

  • Data population through different tabs, no need to type the same data repeatedly.

  • Electronic Data Integration enabled - No need to type the mail for Quotes. Ensuring easy exchange of information over the internet.

  • Buttons enablement according to Standard Workflows, help users to remember the next steps which further reduces the errors in handling.

  • Authorization and Access Rights can be modified anytime. The user of one department has no knowledge of other departments.

  • Easy to use, very less training required.

  • Easy to migrate from your current ERP. 

  • Alerts and notifications if the user is missing some critical information in procedures.

  • SaaS, Cloud Based Technology helps in collecting Real Time Information even from Drivers, and delivery boys.

  • Easy Pricing with no hidden costs.

  • Complete End to End Solution which takes care of all your needs.    

Case Study

Comprehensive Courier Software Solution implemented for Courier & Logistic Company

An upcoming courier & logistics Company in India providing warehouse services was looking to venture into courier services. The client had tie-ups with various courier companies which were big brand names globally

Courier ERP and Logistics Software Implementation Case Study