Courier Software Solution Implemented for Courier/Logistics firm


An upcoming courier & logistics company in India providing warehouse services was looking to venture into courier services. The client had tie-ups with various courier companies which were big brand names globally


The client was a courier company looking to provide courier services in India, including both Pan-India and global shipments. They wanted an online portal for customers to place orders, as well as an enterprise client for backend management of customized services and order processing. However, they did not have any readymade solutions that met their specific requirements. With a fast-approaching go-live deadline, the client was short on time for experimentation or developing a system from scratch.


The solution provided for the client's courier management processes was a custom-developed software utilizing UltroMove modules. Our functional team worked closely with the client to gather the necessary requirements and set up a demo server for the client to review progress.

All development was completed by our team and regular feedback was provided by the client throughout the process. The UltroMove modules were customized and developed to meet the client's specific needs.

Advantages and Value Add

The system was able to manage various courier companies and their pricing, allowing for bulk import of orders and automatic selection of the best courier based on predefined criteria. The system also had the ability to flag certain orders for manual intervention, as well as providing real-time status updates and a history of each shipment.

For enterprise customers, the system provided a provision for customized pricing and used that pricing for billing. Additionally, a credit system and prepaid services system was implemented to provide more options for the client's customers. The solution also included extensive reports for the client to track and analyze their operations.

The final solution was seamlessly integrated with the client's online portal, providing a smooth and efficient experience for both the client and their customers. Overall, the custom-developed software utilizing UltroMove modules was able to meet the client's specific needs and improve their courier management processes.