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Manufacturing Reinvented with Odoo Manufacturing ERP 

All you need in a single software

Odoo ERP Implementation Partner for Manufacturing Business

With advanced economies and the pace of globalization, manufacturing has developed rapidly to become one of the fastest-growing sectors. The processing of raw materials into finished goods based on customer and market demands consists of various incoming work functions as diverse as inventory, storage/warehouse, supply chain management, distribution, sales, shipping, and others. 

The manufacturers need a business application that is beyond ERP

  • Are you looking to improve your manufacturing operations but don't know where to start?

  • Are you finding it difficult to manage different applications of the manufacturing process? 

  • Are you looking to get real-time visibility to better manage supply chains?

  • Are you looking to optimize your inventory level?

  • Are you looking to get strong, and advanced Finance, Procurement, Customer and HR functions specific to the manufacturing industry?

Traditional Manufacturing ERP faces a lot of deficiencies as it contains different applications with limited integration and interoperability.  Heavy customization over time has increased ERP complexity in the Manufacturing sector. Moreover, it becomes challenging to get business insights out of the data.

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Manage Manufacturing process with Odoo, a modern manufacturing ERP solution

No more time-clocking, real-time communication, shop floor automation, and dozens of    Odoo integrations ,  including Quality,   Odoo Maintenance , and PLM

The Odoo Manufacturing Application integrates many different software solutions to manage manufacturing operations.  Planning, BOM management, shop floor control, maintenance, supply chain, warehouse management, quality management, PLM, and more are all included, and fully integrated.

Our Odoo ERP experts will share how a modern and integrated approach to manufacturing can truly boost the manufacturing business. Imagine how much more efficient your operations would be if your tools worked seamlessly together: PLM, planning, maintenance, quality, purchase, inventory etc.  Manage Manufacturing process with Odoo, a modern manufacturing ERP solution. No more time-clocking, real-time communication, shop floor automation, and dozens of integrations, including Quality, Maintenance, and PLM.  

Product lifecycle management

Manage engineering changes efficiently is all about communication.  Everyone follows only what they need, approvals are simple, and discussions on documents are centralized in real-time.

Flexible Consumption

Increase the scope of flexible consumption, allowing to update confirmed MOs, and consume components, which weren't part of the initial BOM.

Intelligent Forecast and Replenishment

View availability of components in real-time. See which products need replenishment, via a replenishment report and trigger procurements or automate them for the future.

Improved usability

See how combined Routings and Bills of Materials have made the setup easier. Create manufacturing back-orders when several lots/serial numbers need to be manufactured. Ease work order's planning visibility thanks to information popover and working hours visibility.

We are an Odoo Partner with over 10 years of experience in the Odoo Implementation in the Manufacturing Sector. Our Odoo Manufacturing ERP Solution is a cost-effective and quick solution to implement. We have a team of experienced functional consultants who understand the manufacturing processes for smooth and fast implementation
of ERP in the manufacturing set-up as per processes