Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Business Apps to fuel your company's growth

What are Enterprise Mobile Applications?

Mobile apps are used in the consumer world for targeted or single function activities like tracking weight, travel apps, alert tools, health apps, etc. Now, enterprises are understanding the importance of leveraging mobile penetration to build role-based mobile apps, simple, intuitive, or single-function applications which employees, customers, suppliers can download to synchronize with their business roles. 

These enterprise mobile apps are not the entire business system like ERP, CRM, HRM, etc, But these are role-based applications designed for specific roles and functions with simple features and functionalities. These are pre-populated with data and fields that make it easy for users to complete a specific task.


Customized Enterprise Mobile Apps

 are the perfect solution to run your business or business functions efficiently. 

Access to business information on the go can help the sales and marketing team to close a deal while sitting in front of a prospect or provide a retail store manager with critical insights about inventory levels right from the selling floor.  

With our rich experience in ERP implementation across different sectors, we understand the task-level functional aspect of the business much better. It is a value add when it comes to designing and developing enterprise mobile applications. We have an experienced team of mobile app developers to build a perfect solution on different platforms such as Andriod and iOS to run a business efficiently

We develop Enterprise and Department-level mobile apps for companies to streamline their business processes.

Types of Enterprise Mobile Apps

Businesses use enterprise mobile apps to keep a track of company operational and strategic performance, help employees and clients keep track of all projects and events

Company/Client Level

Mobile apps at the company level to connect all the departments on the go

Department Level

Mobile apps for a functional department like Sales, warehouse, Logistics, HR, Finance 

Employees Level

Mobile Apps for employees, made for company internal purpose    

With so many different technologies around, how do you decide which mobile technology is best for your mobile application development?

A technology stack comprises all the technologies, tools, and frameworks that are required to build a mobile app. This will include programming languages, development platforms (e.g., Cross-platform, iOS, Android)

Choosing the right mobile technology stack is very important to make a mobile application project a success. The best technology stack results in lower cost and quick turnaround for mobile app development and also scalable, and committed to your functional requirements. 

Our Enterprise Mobile app development services use the best mobile technology stacks as per your project requirement. Work with a team that combines technical and business skills to bring top-quality products to the market. 

When it comes to choosing a framework, React Native and Flutter are the most popular technologies   for Cross-Platform

React Native App Development

React Native is a framework based on JavaScript or TypeScript for creating mobile applications and it is popular among developers for cross-platform app development. It allows you to develop iOS and Android applications with JavaScript and a handful of native component APIs

Flutter App Development

Flutter is the most innovative cross-platform mobile app development solution that doesn't require different codes for iOs and Android mobile apps development. It uses Dart language, a Java-like programming language optimized for developing client applications for mobile, web, and server-side platforms.

We’re already developing many mobile applications with Flutter and React Native. We have experienced Flutter developers and React Native developer

Our 4 Ds Enterprise Mobile Application Development Approach

We use industry best practices and leading technologies to optimize the mobile app development process and provide the best mobile application aligned with your organization's needs 


The initial stage of App development process to understand the client's requirements, ideas, and end goal. Identify the audience, build a strategy 


Identify core feature functionalities.

Create Blueprint structure

Well designed UX and UI wireframes


Team of developers to write code and bring your mobile app  to life

Testing at different stages of development to bring the highest quality  


Deploy at client's server, make it available to the user,

Fix bugs and continuously improve your mobile app

 Role-Based Enterprise Apps Will Drive Productivity and Transformation

Below are the examples of some of the enterprise apps across industry and functions



  • Inventory level App
  • Manufacturing Order Tracking
  • Supplier Performance
  • Quality Control

Courier Logistics

  • Route Optimization
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Supplier Performance
  • Feature 4 available


  • Traffic Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value
  • Key Performance Indicator

  • Customer Satisfaction 

C Level Executives

  • Business Insights App
  • Cost and Profitability App
  • Top Customers
  • Competitor Intelligence


  • Time and Attendance
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Employee Feedback
    and Grievances
  • Competitor Intelligence

Sales & Distribution

  • Location-based Sales
  • Distributor Management
  • Channel Management
  • Customer Insight