Odoo Migration to the latest ODoo version 



A large African consumer product manufacturing company was facing challenges with their Odoo version 11 ERP system. With a huge number of custom modules and a database with hundreds of millions of records, the system had become slow and inefficient. The company wanted to migrate to the latest Odoo version, to take advantage of the new features and improvements. However, the migration process presented several challenges, including the need to minimize downtime and ensure the seamless transfer of data and custom modules.


To address the challenges of migration, we developed a comprehensive strategy that involved several steps:

Analyzing the existing system: We began by analyzing the existing Odoo version 11 system to understand the custom modules and data structures. This helped us identify potential challenges and develop a plan to overcome them.

Developing a custom migration plan: We created a custom migration plan that would ensure a smooth transition from Odoo version 11 to Odoo version 14. The plan involved a detailed timeline, backup strategy, and testing process to ensure that the new system was fully functional before going live. The plan also included strategies to minimize downtime during the migration process.

Customizing Odoo version 14: We customized the new Odoo version 14 system to meet the company's specific needs. This included developing custom modules, importing data, and configuring the system to ensure optimal performance.

Testing and validation: We conducted extensive testing and validation to ensure that the new system met the company's requirements and was fully functional. This included testing custom modules, data migration, and system performance.


Despite the challenges posed by the migration, we were able to successfully migrate the company's Odoo version 11 system to Odoo version 14 with a downtime of fewer than 5 hours. The new system was fully functional and met the company's specific needs. Additionally, the custom modules and data were seamlessly transferred to the new system, ensuring that the company did not experience any data loss or disruption in business operations.


The successful migration of the African consumer product manufacturing company's Odoo version 11 system to Odoo version 14 was a significant achievement for the company. The migration presented several challenges, including a large number of custom modules, a huge database size with hundreds of millions of records, and the need for low downtime. However, with careful planning, customization, and testing, we were able to meet the company's demands for minimal downtime and a fully functional system. The new Odoo version 14 system provided the company with enhanced features and improvements, allowing for more efficient business operations and improved performance.