Implemented a Robust Supply Chain System for a Solar Power Company



The client is a solar power company that sells solar power systems on financing to households and shops in rural India. With rapid growth, the company was facing supply chain challenges and needed a robust system in place to handle the complexity of managing multiple warehouses and users.


The client was facing supply chain challenges as the number of warehouses and users increased. The current system was not able to handle the complexity and needed a more robust system in place


To address the supply chain challenges, the company implemented a Purchase Management System (PMS). The PMS allowed users to raise Purchase Requisitions/Indents, which then went through multiple levels of approvals. The purchasing team was able to request quotations from multiple vendors, and Purchase Orders went through multiple levels of approval.

The company also integrated the supply chain processes with their customer management portal. Once a customer was approved, the supply chain team was able to do the provisioning, and the customer management portal was alerted for activation.

The company also implemented a multi-warehouse management system, which allowed for product movement across all warehouses. The supply chain team was able to get the status of their inventory across the company


As a result of implementing the PMS, the company was able to streamline its supply chain processes and manage the complexity of multiple warehouses and users. The integration with the customer management portal allowed for seamless communication and coordination between the supply chain and customer management teams. The multi-warehouse management system provided visibility and control over inventory across the company. Overall, the implementation of the PMS improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the company's supply chain operations.